About Phillip Brown tie dyed t-shirts, clothing and tapestries company

Phillip Brown Tie Dyed TapestriesAbout Phillip Brown – Tie Dye has been an artistic outlet for me for well over 30 years. I can recall my mother making the six of my siblings custom tie-dye clothing back in 1969, if memory serves, so I must thank Mom for my first instruction into the form. Now that I think of it my mother Carol also helped me work out the kinks in rudimentary silk screening. So for the second time in one paragraph I feel the need to tip my hat to her. Arts and crafts were a big part of my life and I’ve managed to make it a livelihood for some time. In high school I had the unique pleasure to make the acquaintance of a talented artist and co-conspirator Jon Kennedy, who now goes by the name of Mikio. Our art class was populated by a number of talented artists and was presided over by our illustrious teacher Mr. Osowski. This class was integral to my development as an artist and it is from that class that the seeds of my present life were sown. I think that coming of age in the 1970’s while being fully immersed in the 1960’s was a state akin to schizophrenia but was probably an antidote for the times. So while the masses flocked to the discos my friends and I jumped into the largest traveling party otherwise known as The Grateful Dead tours. More to follow.

About this website…

I have selected a number of examples of the recent and not so recent colors that are interesting to me and have posted them in the appropriate places. T-shirts contain T-shirts naturally and the Children’s show some of the kids designs I’ve done. Tie Dye Colors is as descriptive as one could get so check that out. I’ve added a page that has some music files named My Music. I love music production and will hold forth on software and hardware stuff with anyone who might be interested. the Art Galleries are there to pay homage to some of my contemporaries and will be updated hopefully soon. These gallery pages were originally authored many years ago and still possess the quaintness of 1997 web design so be forewarned. (The last statement was from the old website… The new one rocks!)