Women's Tie Dyed Tank Tops

Women’s Tie Dyed Tank Tops

Women's Tie Dyed Tank TopsWomen’s Tie Dyed Tank Tops 100% Cotton – Women’s tie dyed tank tops made of 100% cotton and tie dyed in a variety of brilliant colors and patters. Our unique tie dye patterns on 100% cotton tank top shirts that we have crinkled, patterned and dyed with Procion dyes (the best in the business). Made in a variety of colors, sizes, styles and tie dye patterns, Since the early 1970’s Phil’s tie dyes have delighted artistically minded people from around the globe, of all ages and all mind sets and still does to this day. Phil Brown has mastered the art of dying clothing that lasts and does not fade.

Each one of our pieces of clothing is hand tie dyed and folded with our original techniques to make each item a one of a kind work of art. We try to keep as close of a consistency with our colors and patterns as we can but, due to the one of a kind nature and unique qualities of tie dying you can understand why no two will ever be alike and this is what makes them special.